Nina's life is a live action sitcom on Disney Channel created by Sweetcupcakes12. The show will air it's pilot on June 13th.


Nina Adams is the main character of the show and is a very kind girl and likes to stand up for others. She faces problems and also makes many fun adventures. Nina rather would be alone at times but also likes to have friends around.

Nina in season one

Seth Adams is Nina's 14 year old brother who is adventurous and is independent. He could sometimes make bother Nina at times,but she doesn't mind. Seth is very intelligent,which makes Nina jealous.

Miranda Nightland is Nina's best friend who is sassy,stylish,girly,and a helpful friend. She sometimes refers to Nina and her as "Partners in crime" and helps her survive her problems. She runs a comedy vlog and is often open to new things.

Recurring CharactersEdit

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Series OverviewEdit

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season Premiere Season Finale
1 19 June 13th,2014



Title Written by Directed by Original air date Prod.

U.S. Ratings (in Millions)

1 1 "Pilot"


TBA June 13th 101 TBA

Nina starts school and finds out that a popular girl named Celia is trying to ruin a her and a friend's life on the first week back;Seth & Kaylee try to find out if a jock in school is really a nerd.

Guest Star: Bella Thorne as Kaylee Michaels

Note: This is the pilot episode. This is also the first time that Miranda Nightland refers to Nina and her as "Partners in crime".

2 2 "Nina and the liar"


TBA June 20th 102 TBA

Nina tries to help a girl named Karen help stop lying due to her excessive lying around the school;Miranda befriends another girl named Teresa,but ends up finding out she's not who she thought she is.

Guest Star: Selena Gomez as Teresa 

Note: In this show,an app called "Photo Bud" is introduced and is a parody of Instagram.

3 3 "Going Crazy"


TBA June 27th 103 TBA

Nina thinks that her life is too boring so she tries making her life fun,but ends up getting crazy and Miranda tries to settle her down before it's too late;Seth prepares for a math test and he thinks that he will fail,so he hires his best friend,Aaron to help him prepare for the test.

Note:  This is the first episode where Aaron is introduced.

4 4 "The Switch up"


TBA July 4th 104 TBA

When Miranda finds a necklace and shows it to Nina,they immediately switch bodies and have to find a way to get back to their original bodies;A girl named Priscilla tries to find a necklace with the help of Seth.

Note:  This is the first episode where Priscilla is introduced. 


  • It is rumored that the show will have a crossover later in Season 1
  • It is rumored that Ross Lynch and Laura Marano will play recurring characters. While rumors were confirmed that Laura Marano is a recurring character,it is unknown if Ross Lynch will play a recurring character also.
  • it is rumored that the season finale with have Dove Cameron as a guest star.